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Modern style furniture is a wonderful combination of simplicity, creativity and practicality. With strong lines and minimalism, this style creates a modern, fresh and stylish space.

Against a background of neutral colors like white, black and brown, modern interiors focus on clarity and cleanliness. The furniture usually has a simple and clean design, with strong contours and without many intricate details.

The living room and dining room spaces in modern style have an open layout, creating a spacious and airy space. Decorative details such as wall paintings, ceiling lights and decorative wall panels are also chosen with sophistication and modernity, creating an aesthetic space.

With a large area and the owner’s idea that the future of the house will be a “museum”, all spaces will be optimized for functionality.

Decor furniture brings a variety of historicity

The wardrobe system using fiberglass material is a great choice for modern interior spaces. With a luxurious and smooth look, this material brings sophistication and class to the wardrobe.

Fiberglass is used to create flat and smooth surfaces, creating a neat and clean closet space. The high-gloss fiberglass surface feels soft and lightly matte, creating an impressive and aesthetically pleasing interior space.

With fiberglass material, the wardrobe can be designed according to individual taste and needs. Create drawers, shelves and clothes rails to optimize storage space and organize items. Fiberglass is also waterproof and moisture-resistant, helping to protect clothing and accessories from damage.

In addition, fiberglass is fireproof and resistant to high temperatures, creating a safe and durable environment for the wardrobe. With its dust-proof and easy-to-clean properties, the fiberglass material helps maintain cleanliness and lasts for many years.

Bedrooms in modern style often have elegant and minimalist spaces. Natural light is utilized through large windows or thin curtains, creating a bright and airy space.

When entering the bedroom space, you will immediately be impressed by the spacious space and smart organization. The dividing walls are reduced to create an open space, creating a sense of connection and connection between the areas. This allows natural light and airy space to spread throughout the bedroom space.

High-class furniture set imported 100& from Italy helps the 3rd bedroom and above be more balanced and youthful. With the perfection of Italian brands, customers are completely assured and confident

Plywood cabinets painted with a light color contrasting with the wood background make the bedroom space more harmonious and warm

The chairs and dining tables have a simple and slim design, with minimalist tones and modern materials.


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