District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

The golden rays of sunlight sparkled through the window, lightly illuminating the fresh space of the neoclassical style apartment. But it’s not just light, it’s a flow of luxury and elegance.

The open space between the dining table and the living room helps the family to eat while watching entertainment programs

The living room, with its soft leather sofa, creates softness and comfort for moments of rest. The meticulous and sharp classical lines are carved on high-grade wooden legs, creating sophistication and class.

The dining room, with its classic wooden dining table and soft leather chairs, welcomes luxurious dinner parties.

The kitchen cabinets are made from fiberglass, with smooth lines and shiny surfaces, creating a modern and sophisticated style. With a variety of colors, from pure white to elegant black, fiberglass kitchen cabinets create outstanding accents and freshness in the kitchen space.

Kitchen countertops are made from natural stone, bringing uniqueness and durability. With different colors and textures of natural stone, the countertop creates an interesting contrast and provides a natural and intimate feel. In addition, natural stone also has fireproof, water-resistant and easy-to-clean features, increasing the utility and durability of the kitchen.

Fiberglass kitchen cabinets and natural stone countertops not only have outstanding beauty but also bring convenience and functionality to the kitchen space. With smart cabinets, display shelves and optimal storage space, this kitchen cabinet system makes it easy to organize and organize your cooking utensils and save space.

The bedroom, the place to bring peaceful and serene dreams. The elegant wooden bed, with its meticulously crafted headboard, becomes the focal point of the room

The classic wardrobe system offers not only practicality but also a luxurious storage space.

With spacious cabinet compartments and shelves to display accessories, you can organize and store your clothes in an airy and convenient way.

The neoclassical style TV shelf is not only a place to place entertainment equipment, but also a unique work of art, showing sophistication and quality. It not only creates a highlight for the room but also brings a luxurious entertainment space and is full of innovation.



Quan 7, Ho Chi Minh


Quan 7, Ho Chi Minh


District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

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