Date: 02/04/2021

Currently, in the interior design market in general, to meet the needs of interior design & finishing for the new home of the home owner, there are many contractors undertaking, in part or in a package, with a low to a high cost – where the difference in a distance is not small enough to confuse many Home owners.

So the question arises,

Is how for home owners wishing to equip high-class furniture for their home, they can distinguish, find, put their trust in the right place, choose the right unit specializing in “High-class interior design and construction. ” for yourself.

SF Home offers the following suggestions to help Homeowners consult and make the right decisions:

Determine the Home owner needs:

About the interior style that matches the personality of the owner

thiết kế thi công nội thất cao cấp

Whether it is a house or a high-end apartment, you should consult a model house before you are satisfied

Please refer to from Google or websites, on social networking communities, beautiful apartment images, interior designs that you like, clearly define the style that you want to aim for the home: modern or bright colors in the morderno style, the rustic close to nature like Japan, or the classic European style….

About the function of the house

thiết kế thi công nội thất công ty

Business-combined house design needs the right design to ensure privacy

If the house is to be used in combination with business, there will be a different design from a house used merely for living.

Similarly, with different uses, the house construction design will have to have different adjustments to optimize the use for the house, for example:

Layout, number of floors, construction area and functions of each room in the house.

About the estimated cost

thiết kế thi công nội thất hcm cao cấp

Estimation of construction cost in accordance with finance

After forming the idea and the need to build a house, you need to estimate the cost of the existing interior of your house, to balance between needs and financial capacity.

However, with the need to design high-end interior design, the cost that you anticipate needs to be more comfortable to pay, because it will come with the design, construction, quality. amount of furniture products that you love.

Seek information from reputable sources

 Thiết kế thi công nội thất tại TPHCM

Refer through the works that the design unit constructs, the quality of the interior when going into use is also worth paying attention

Consult with acquaintances you trust, and those of you who have high-grade interior design, right to your range and needs, to share your practical experiences and especially assess the quality of high-end products when in use.

Do not forget to refer to the prestigious newspaper pages, the favorite associations about high-end interior décor, to give yourself more perspectives.

Learn about the quality, products and services of high-class interior design and construction units

Currently, the prestigious and high-class interior design and construction units, if we think there are many, or can only be counted on the fingers, are all correct, because it all depends on the criteria. lice that the homeowner gives to choose the units.

So, when all have a common ground that meets the set criteria, such as beautiful design in accordance with the owner’s personality, adequate prices, construction progress, warranty, after-sales, Company name… equivalent, what will be the key factor for the Owner to choose his own correct high-end interior design unit.

It is the superiority in each commitment and is endorsed by their old customers many years ago.

Thiết kế thi công nội that trọn gói

Fiberglass technology of SF Home is transferred from Gruber System Corporation – USA

SF Home is proud to be the only unit that designs and constructs high-quality Fiberglass furniture, with super durable products, super nice, termite resistant, water resistant, warranty up to 5 years, and maintenance. new whenever the customer needs.

The difference is that SF Home also focuses on customers’ personality, Feng Shui for family, can meet all colors, materials, all curves, angles without any other material that can be flexible. such as Glass Fiber Technology.

Before committing to the signing ceremony, the Owner, come to see firsthand the high-end products that SF Home has perfected for old customers, with a thickness of up to 20 years of the Company, will be a good guarantee. than all promises.

With many years of experience in the interior design industry and owning the fiberglass furniture manufacturing technology transferred from Gruber System Corporation – USA, SF Home’s products will surely bring you satisfaction. .

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